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"The Storyteller of Old Tampa Bay"


     M.S. Management, National College of Education, Evanston, Il.
     B.S. Health Care Administration, Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
     Certificate, Gerontology, Sangamon State, University of Illinois, Springfield, IL.
     Certificate, Nursing Home Administration Washington University, St. Louis, Mo.
     Certificate, Group Story Facilitation (specializing in people with Alzheimer's/Dementia) U. of Wisconsin 
     Ted Lis Actors Workshop, Chicago, IL.
     Bachelor of Santa Clause, International University of Santa Clause, Hollywood, CA..

    Ross Tarr is a professional storyteller and Santa, performer, and writer.
    His prior career path included service as a healthcare administrator, medical practice consultant, executive in the finance           industry, and teaching management and healthcare facilities administration classes at Chicago and Tampa colleges. 
    Tarr's articles on training, storytelling, public speaking have been published in trade journals and magazines. 
    Ross Tarr is active in the Florida Storytellers Association, the National Storytelling Network, and was the Exec. Director,          St.Ptersburg StoryFest 2016. He is an International Jr. Chamber of Commerce Lifetime Senator and former Jaycee                President, an Eagle Scout, and holds the Toast Master's CTM designation. He has been cited in Who's Who in Health            Care, and Who's Who in Public Speaking.
The Orlando Sun
Told How Storyteller Ross Tarr Became A Storytelling Santa

Storyteller regales Leesburg audience with Santa tales

LEESBURG — Storyteller Ross Tarr, above, was drafted to play Santa 35 years ago in Chicago when he was president of a Jaycees club. "They almost had to drag me kicking and screaming," said Tarr, a St. Petersburg resident who visited the Leesburg Public Library last week. But the role grew on him. At Leesburg, he drew smiles, below left, as he told of "working with kids on the Santa throne" and at a Staten Island, N.Y., mall after Superstorm Sandy. One "very lovely little girl" there told him sadly that she had to change schools after her parents were divorced and she thought her new classmates didn't like her. Santa told her the children probably were afraid of her and he encouraged the girl to get to know them. The girl perked up and eagerly jumped in her father's arms. "It's a wonderful way to invest time in the kids," Tarr said of playing Santa. "It's very gratifying."
Ross Tarr tells stories at the Leesburg Public Library. Tarr relates personal experiences as Santa Claus that are said to bring back memories and restore your faith in mankind. Tarr is a member of the National Storytellers Network, the Florida Storytellers Association and the Tampa Bay Storytellers Guild. (Tom Benitez, Orlando Sentinel)
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 Workshops and Seminars for Senior Facility and Memory Unit Staff, Youth Program Staff, Boy and Girl Scout Leaders,  and special programs for Scout Masters and Patrol Leaders.
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Holiday and Special Event Storytelling Concerts for Adults
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Join the fun . . . participate in the creation of a new impromptu tale. Ross Tarr facilitates, as the audience writes a story inspired by a piece of art or music.